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François Altwies Neurofeedback Luxembourg

François Altwies

Founder of Neurofeedback Luxembourg

It was only at the age of 40 that I discovered my diagnosis of ADHD, which finally explains many of my setbacks and difficulties.

François is the founder of Neurofeedback Luxembourg. He has two children and lives in Luxembourg city. He is passionate about new technologies and biohacking.

“I have always been attracted by pioneering, innovative and disruptive projects. After studying the functioning of machines, philosophy, psychology, criminology, computer graphics and virtual reality, I landed in the human-machine interface with applied neurophysiology: Neurofeedback.

My life did not start in the best conditions which left me with some imprints (orphan, dysfunctional families of origin), what I would call today PTSD, but I was given the diagnosis of “Depression”.

After going through medication, outpatient and inpatient therapies, many trainings (NLP, Hypnosis, EMDR, Coaching, Process Communication, Provocative Therapy, etc.), the problems of addiction and emotional instability were greatly reduced, but I had not yet recovered my brain’s cognitive abilities (certainly a burn-out and a head trauma did not help).

I was only 40 years old when I was diagnosed with ADHD, which finally explains many of my setbacks and difficulties: emotional instability, abandoned studies, changes of direction, self-medication and addictions, oppositional and risky behaviors, etc.

While trying to find solutions to this chaos in my head, I came across Neurofeedback: I signed up for a course and volunteered for the first demonstrations, and there I immediately felt the effects: someone had turned my brain back on!
I decided to make it my job (despite a lot of resistance from health professionals), and to share the benefits of this little-known and underestimated technique in Luxembourg, and even in Europe.

I have been trained by some of the greatest experts in the field: Akademie für Neurofeedback, Thomas Feiner, Doerte Klein, Tom Collura, Mark Smith, Pennijean Gracefire, Dr. Harry Keriadisis, Dr. Juri Kropotov, Dr. Richard Soutar, Dr. Robert Thatcher, Dr. Nicholas Dogris, Dr. Tiff Thompson, Jay Gunkelman, Martin Wuttke, etc… to arrive after more than 2000 brains analyzed and more than 1500 sessions provided in 2021 to the point of developing my own approach which promises the fastest, longest lasting results with predictable effects.

This work has become my passion, and I love to transmit this knowledge with our clients, my team but also to train other professionals (psychologist, psychiatrist, neurobiologist, university training, etc.)

The changes observed in our clients every day continue to fascinate me and with the great potential of new technologies such as photobiomodulation and new projects (neuromeditation, scientific publications) the future promises to be full of adventures and challenges, there is no risk of getting bored….”

Mélanie Schmaltz Neurofeedback Luxembourg

Mélanie Schmaltz

Graduate psychologist, specialized in Neuropsychology

My life has had its share of hardships and that is what makes me who I am today, what has built my resilience and what allows me to help others on a daily basis.

Melanie is a psychologist, specialized in Neuropsychology, graduated from the Faculty of Strasbourg, the city she comes from. After having worked with people with autism in associations and in specialized centers, she spent 3 months in California in a center for the elderly to perfect her English. Upon her return, she seized the opportunity to work in the field of Neurofeedback. Melanie now lives in Belgium with her partner and their cat. She is an avid car and video game enthusiast. She loves gardening, drawing, animals and food (especially cheese!). Recently, she started learning piano and yoga after having practiced horseback riding and archery for a long time.

“My life has had its share of hardships: divorced parents, a mother suffering from alcoholism, placement in social care, bereavement, sexual abuse… It is what makes me who I am today, what has built my resilience and what allows me to help others on a daily basis. Let me tell you how life has allowed me to become the best version of myself:

My dream job has always been a veterinarian but I quickly realized that these studies would be difficult for me. So when the choice of direction presented itself, I said to myself “Psycho? Why not! It sounds very interesting”. My first direction was developmental psychology to work with autistic children and help their families.

My school career came to a screeching halt in 2014: after 4 years, my little brother finally lost the battle with cancer. In pain, unable to attend classes, I had to repeat a year. This ordeal was decisive in my choice of career because during this second year, I discovered with a new eye neuropsychology and neurophysiology that I had previously cursed.

During these courses, the professors discussed Neurofeedback very briefly. I didn’t really understand… how could someone grow a flame on a screen with their brain and regulate their brain activity? How could it help him? When I asked around, there were two schools of thought: those for whom it was miraculous and those for whom it was lame and placebo. I wanted to make my own opinion, to test the technique. The universe heard me because an internship offer in a neurofeedback practice came in my emails. That’s how I met François, neurofeedback and I never left. It was what I was missing in my practice: to do neuropsychological assessments to identify the disorders yes, but afterwards? What solutions to help these suffering people? Practically nothing… Neurofeedback was that solution. I have seen so many positive changes, sometimes even real miracles with clients who have come back from a long way.

Thanks to the sessions I have had myself, my anxiety attacks, fatigue, poor sleep and difficulty concentrating are all gone.

In 2022, at the age of 27, I discovered that I had ADHD with severe Dyscalculia since childhood. A lot of things made sense! And despite these disorders that I didn’t know I had, I had successfully completed a Scientific Baccalaureate and a math-filled neuropsychology degree. So never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do! This is my mantra: If you decide to, nothing can stop you. And your difficulties can become a strength. It is the trials of life that have made me so passionate about my work today.

I accompany people in discovering themselves, in understanding their difficulties and help them to get out of them thanks to EEG assessment and neurofeedback sessions. Geek at heart, I also deal with social networks and communication.”

Patrick Jost Neurofeedback Luxembourg

Patrick Jost

Managing Director

Once you have been to the health professionals, Neurofeedback often brings relief that you no longer believe in. If only it were better known to the general public. We are looking for enthusiasts to spread the word.

Patrick is an entrepreneur from Luxembourg. He speaks Luxembourgish, German, English, French and understands (more and more) Danish.

After his banking training and his studies (A.E.S. – economic and social administration) at the University of Montpellier, Patrick joined the family business in Luxembourg. With the help of a team of almost 60 people, he developed innovative solutions for the financial sector and the institutions of the European Union.

Patrick has traveled to over thirty countries and lived in Australia for almost five years. He is married with two children and lives with his family in Luxembourg.

He has been the managing director of Neurofeedback Luxembourg since June 2022.

“My first encounter with Neurofeedback was the story of a girl who participated quite well in class, but consistently failed all her exams. Her parents (at the end of their rope, as you can imagine) had of course gone around to all the doctors, psychologists, etc. to find out why. Nothing. During an evaluation of her brain (brain map) during which she was watching a movie, François asked her if the movie scared her. She said no, that she found the movie rather amusing. What she didn’t know was that on the screen, her therapist and parents could see (even though her environment was not particularly stressful, on the contrary) that her brain was already in “overdrive” / in the “red” – like on the dashboard of a car. Adding the stress of a school test, one can quickly understand why she could not pass her exams. By “calming” the affected areas, through neurotherapy sessions, her brain learned very quickly what to do and what not to do. Thanks to Neurofeedback, her school career was very different from what she had experienced before and what would otherwise have been a burden for many years – both for her and for her parents. This is how I came to know (and understand?) how Neurofeedback can help where other disciplines have their limitations. I have become a big fan, having come to train my own brain as early as 2015 and my children’s. As a Neurofeedback client and a fan of technology in general, I decided in 2021 to get personally involved in what François had started.

I love working with this motivated, knowledgeable team on a daily basis, always striving to improve the lives of our customers. I am passionate about computers and setting up our systems – that’s for me.”

Laura Fallot

Marketing & communication intern

Neurofeedback - a gift for the brain.

Laura, 21, lives in France near the Luxembourg border and is a third year Bachelor Marketing student.

A third-year Bachelor of Marketing student at the IMC business school in Metz, she has been an intern at Neurofeedback Luxembourg since January 15, and will be working there until July 2024.

In December 2023, Laura had to find a new internship as her previous company was closing. Through her school, she was introduced to Neurofeedback Luxembourg. She spent a day there before starting her internship in marketing and communication.

 “I discovered a very human company, with a way of working that I’d describe as “adapted to the person”, and a new field of activity.

I immediately felt at ease within the company and also with the staff, who were, and still are, very pleasant 🙂

As my goal is to continue my studies in the field of Marketing, I particularly appreciate doing my internship with this company, where I’ll be able to discover all the tools and workings of various marketing strategies in detail.

Furthermore, I appreciate the fact that I’ll be talking about and working on a subject that’s not commonplace, about which I’ll be learning a lot and which not many people hear about.

At Neurofeedback, I’d first like to improve our visibility and presence on social networks, particularly our Instagram page.

Indeed, being part of Generation Z, I want to use my external perspective to optimize the company’s network by sharing publications that will be attractive to our target audience.

I also want to learn how to launch a marketing strategy, how to develop it, how to launch a new product, but also how to build customer loyalty, and how to promote a company so that it is recognized in different countries.

Doing my internship in Luxembourg is also helping me to improve my English, which is still at an academic level, but which I’d like to improve quickly.

For a student with a high level of anxiety, what could be better than doing an internship with a Neurofeedback company?”

Moesha Tshishimbi 

Trainee psychologist specializing in Neuropsychology

My simple dream was to join a team of caring professionals devoted to helping those in suffering with empathy, professionalism and expertise.

Moesha is 23 years old and studying for a Master 2 in Clinical Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Strasbourg. She currently lives in Metz, near the Luxembourg border, with her partner and their cat.

After a scientific baccalaureate, medical studies and a spell in the army as a reservist, Moesha found her vocation in studying psychology.

Since February 5, 2024, she has been a trainee at Neurofeedback Luxembourg. In fact, it’s with us that she’ll be doing her final internship, enabling her to validate her diploma.

“I’ve always been attracted to health and personal care. I’ve always loved being there for my loved ones and taking care of them. I’m also a great empath, so I feel a responsibility when it comes to helping and when I’m able to.

After my scientific baccalaureate, studying medicine seemed the obvious choice. However, I soon realized that the pace of life at medical school didn’t suit me and had a negative impact on my mental health. That’s more or less what made me realize the importance of my mental health.

The most obvious option at the time was to study psychology. As I pursued my studies, I became increasingly attracted to neuropsychology and neuroscience. My growing fascination with how the brain works led me to develop a passion for studying this organ and the nervous system in which it is embedded, hence my specialization in Neuropsychology. My interest in the pathologies that can affect the brain and its functioning then became clearer. More specifically, neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. It was in this way that I realized I was going to be able to help people in need, through the source that is brain function.

During my Master’s degree, I realized that the strict application of my profession doesn’t correspond to what I want to bring to others. I don’t just want to be the person who administers tests and highlights disorders. I want to help find solutions for people in need, people who are suffering.

It was by chance that I came across an advertisement for Neurofeedback Luxembourg. After a day’s immersion, I confirmed my desire to be part of this team. Neurofeedback isn’t just a tool; what we do at Neurofeedback Luxembourg is individualized support using different tools, to bring out the best in each person. To be part of a group of professionals who accompany, support and help people in distress out of a pure vocation, that’s all I wanted. This same wish came true thanks to my internship at Neurofeedback Luxembourg. It’s a pleasure to be part of such a pleasant and passionate team. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.”

Elisa Vincent

Trainee psychologist specialized in neuropsychology

Understanding & helping: that's what I thrive on every day, and it's with Neurofeedback that I've managed to combine the two.

Elisa is 22 years old and in her final year of a Master’s degree in neuropsychology. After a degree in psychology in Tours and a semester in Montreal, she chose to specialize in neuropsychology and is doing her Master’s at the University of Strasbourg. It was during her final internship that she joined the Neurofeedback Luxembourg team, with a view to becoming a Neurofeedback practitioner.

“I’ve always been curious by nature, and I’ve always liked to understand what’s around me, especially people. Studying psychology therefore immediately fascinated me, giving me the opportunity to learn how to decipher human behavior and psychiatric pathologies, with the aim of becoming skilled at helping people in need. What’s more, I’ve always been drawn to the sciences, which steered my path towards cognitive psychology and neuroscience, until I discovered neuropsychology. Studying the link between brain function and behavior, this discipline was an obvious choice for me.

During my Master’s degree, I was able to acquire a great deal of knowledge, but I soon realized that the practice didn’t suit me. Rather focused on diagnosis without offering a quick enough, effective and concrete solution, the feeling of not being able to really help patients didn’t make sense to me.
When I discovered Neurofeedback, first through personal research and then briefly in class, I found the technique revolutionary, and I still don’t understand why we hear so little about it.

At Neurofeedback Luxembourg, I’ll be able to give people practical help to improve their quality of life, while continuing to learn more and more about the functioning of the brain and related pathologies, working with a team with whom I share the same vision.
What’s more, mental health is still a very poorly understood field, suffering from stigmatization and persistent clichés. I’d like to help change this by informing people, to improve well-being but also tolerance and understanding on these subjects.”

Avantha Elapata

Graduate trainee psychologist, specialized in Developmental Psychology

Growing up, I always yearned to help people in some way, a feeling which eventually led me to pursue Psychology. In discovering Neurofeedback, I believe I've found a profound opportunity to fulfil this aspiration of helping others.

Avantha is a graduate psychologist with a specialization in Developmental Psychology, and comes from Sri Lanka, where he spent his formative years. He moved to the Netherlands in 2017, where he enrolled at Maastricht University, and graduated with a Master’s degree in 2023.

In April 2024, he made the move to Luxembourg to join ‘Neurofeedback Luxembourg’ as a trainee, where he is eager to acquire new and apply existing knowledge and continue his professional growth. He currently resides in Luxembourg with his girlfriend and her family.

In his free time, Avantha enjoys reading, gaming, exercising, and playing many sports. He used to play football and basketball during his schooling days in Sri Lanka, and he also holds a black belt in Karate.

“My life growing up in Sri Lanka was amazing, to say the least. However, like most people, I too experienced a few struggles during my life, particularly with anxiety and motivation.

Growing up as a quiet and shy child, I developed a lot of anxiety, and I believe most of these feelings stemmed from my time at school. I attended a strict and highly disciplined school, which in retrospect, may have not been the most ideal learning and nurturing environment for individuals with similar dispositions such as myself. I built up academic performance anxiety, and thereby a lack of motivation to study as well. At the same time, I aspired of becoming a professional athlete, particularly a footballer, as it was my favourite sport. When I realized that my level wasn’t up to standard and that I wasn’t receiving the support to pursue this goal, as academics were always given priority, it negatively impacted my self-esteem.

I attempted to lift myself from this disappointment and navigate through my anxiety in choosing a path. When I was younger, I remember always having this thought of wanting to be of service to people. I considered becoming a doctor at some point too. But when I started losing interest in studying, I realized that a career in medicine would be unrealistic, especially since I lacked the motivation. While I was still unsure of what I wanted to do, I learnt about psychology later during my final years in high school.

It was actually during my Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences at Maastricht University that I realised I was developing a keen interest in Psychology. I took particular interest in a course on developmental psychology in my final year. I saw it as an opportunity to work with children, and possibly help young students overcome obstacles similar to those I faced during my school years. Subsequently, to further my knowledge, I applied to pursue a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology.

Unfortunately, throughout my university years, I struggled immensely with anxiety. Since my move to Europe in 2017, I have suffered mild relocation depression, performance anxiety during my studies, and social anxiety, in which the latter forced me to temporarily withdraw from my studies in 2021. Despite these ordeals, I pushed through to get here today, though it most definitely took a toll on me.

When I discovered ‘Neurofeedback Luxembourg’, I wasn’t familiar with the method of neurofeedback training or biofeedback therapy in general, and so I expressed my desire to visit them and learn more about it. After looking into it more on my own, I found the concept very intriguing and wished to explore its practical application. When the team offered me the chance to become a trainee, I accepted it wholeheartedly. In doing so, I believe I truly found a profound opportunity to fulfil my aspiration of helping others, whilst working with a delightful group of people.”


Coco, an adorable black cocker spaniel born on June 21, 2021, who works with us every day and belongs to Patrick, our managing director, is Neurofeedback’s mascot.

She is very friendly to all team members, and is much loved by our customers, especially the children.

She also loves to play, and when she’s not having fun, she rests at the feet of one of our team members.

Slightly visually impaired, Coco is clumsy, but that doesn’t stop her from taking on the role of vacuum cleaner at Silversquare and doing anything for a biscuit.

A little scaredy-cat at heart, she barks when she can’t see properly. Apart from that, she’s always wagging her tail to show us how happy she is.

Endowed with many qualities, Coco is a true therapy dog. She’s both independent and loyal, often going off on her own and meeting up with us later.

Her gentleness and loving nature make her a precious companion for those who meet her.

In short, Coco is a comforting and precious presence for our team and our customers. We all have a great affection for her.