What are the steps to follow to benefit from our services?


Free teleconsultation by phone
(not mandatory)


Initial Assessment
(mandatory step)

  • First appointment (1h):
    – anamnesis (collection of information)
    – realization of the EEG
    – sending of a cognitive test by email, with health questionnaires
  • Second appointment (1h30): all the results will be returned to you. Detailed written reports will be given to you.


  • The neurofeedback session is done with a movie or music.
  • A minimum of 10 sessions is required, at least 1 session per week. There is no contraindication to do 2 to 3 sessions per week.
  • 1 session lasts 1 hour and is always accompanied by neuromodulation.
  • For those coming from far away, we have an intensive program that lasts only one week (contact us for more information).

Comparative balance sheet

At your 10th session, we will do a second complete assessment as we did at your first appointment, to see if your goals are being met.


Follow-up & maintenance

For more information, please consult our FAQ