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Values and history

Our "4P" approach

For several centuries, medicine has had a curative approach to increase the life expectancy of patients. This has made it possible to treat increasingly complex diseases. But what about the quality of life? Because this medicine has focused on the disease and not on health.

Health can be defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Neurofeedback Luxembourg is in the era of the “4Ps” with a holistic vision.



Each human being is unique and even if he or she presents similar symptoms to another, it is important to take into account the personal profile of each person (gender, genetics, environment, life history, medical history...).



Instead of focusing on the disease, let's focus on wellness. Don't wait until you are sick to act! Some diseases have exploded in our societies, but they can be prevented through an adapted lifestyle. Let's prioritize health education by promoting early detection and improving the quality of life.



Accurate knowledge of the patient helps to avoid errors in treatment choice or side effects. A personalized map of the risk factors and protective elements of a person's health must be established. In this way, we can assess the risk of developing a disease or propose the appropriate treatment.



Patients are the most knowledgeable about their disorders and symptoms. Let's stop telling them that everything is in their heads! Let's get away from the "knowing" versus "ignorant" view. They are experts and have a wealth of knowledge about the experience of their difficulties. Let's get them to take responsibility for their health and care by listening to them and involving them, to heal them - and help them heal themselves.

Our values

Before you pass judgment on someone, put on their shoes, walk their path, experience their grief, their doubts, their laughter. Walk the years he has walked and stumble where he has stumbled, get up just as he did and only then can you judge him.

Non-judgment & respect

With us, there is no discrimination or taboos. We are open-minded, can talk about anything and you will never be judged on what you do, or what happened to you.

Honesty & benevolence

Nothing will be hidden from you, everything will be told to you about what we see. Our team will gladly share its knowledge, because if you understand how you work, it will be much easier for you to grow.

Professionalism & Innovation

It is important to know how to question oneself and to follow the evolution of knowledge in the field of health, psychology and the human being. We train daily on the evolution of practices to offer you the best services.

Efficiency & precision

Thanks to the constant evolution of knowledge and technology, we adapt and evolve our services in order to guarantee the best results in a timely manner.


Our team as well as our practice is built to remain as flexible as possible and to suit a maximum of people. The world is neither black nor white but nuanced, we must be able to adapt to everyone.

Our Mantra & Leitmotiv

In order to change something, you must first measure it

How else can we know its initial condition? How do you know what the best treatment is? How can we measure the change towards a better well-being?

Let's go to the source of the problem (the brain), not the symptom

We need to find the origin of your symptoms. We know that a wrong diagnosis leads to years of suffering and medical wandering.

Do not stick labels

How you function does not define who you are. Whether or not you have a diagnosis, you are first and foremost a person with a life story and emotions, just like everyone else.

The brain is a muscle that is trained throughout life

It's never too late to change and have a happy life. Even if you are 60 years old, you still have many years ahead of you to live at peace with yourself.

Thinking and analyzing is useful but does not solve anything

Therapy is helpful but sometimes not enough. Talking for hours about your anxiety will not help you stop its mechanism and the impact it has on your daily life.

Become a user of your brain

In German, we say "Vom Gehirn Träger zum Gehirnnutzer": from a simple "carrier" of your brain, you become the user of your brain.

Neurofeedback - is it for me?

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Our team

François Altwies Neurofeedback Luxembourg

François Altwies

Founder of Neurofeedback Luxembourg

Mélanie Schmaltz Neurofeedback Luxembourg

Mélanie Schmaltz

Psychologist specialized in Neuropsychology

Lou Ries-Melendes Neurofeedback Luxembourg

Lou Ries-Melendes

Psychologist specialized in Neuropsychology

Patrick Jost Neurofeedback Luxembourg

Patrick Jost

Managing Director

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